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Reinforced Steel Heavy Duty Shelving
Custom Configurations
For special requirements, can customize orders to meet your needs. Please call for special quotes or help in determining your requirements. Call toll-free 877-421-2910.
Reinforced Steel Shelving
3000 lb. Capacity Per Shelf
Hi-Capacity Die Racks- Designed for dies, fixtures, jigs, and other heavy items. Each shelf holds up to 3000 lbs. Shelves are channel formed on all sides with a steel stiffener welded to the underside to prevent flexing under heavy loading, and has a 4 point connection at each corner when attached to post. Extra shelves available. Color gray. Shipped KD. F.O.B.

Shelf has formed channel stiffener
welded to the bottom of the shelf.
Prevents flexing under the heaviest of loads.
Reinforced Steel Shelving
72" High Units With 4 Shelves
7F001 7F002 7F003
18x 36
18x 48
18x 60
230.35 294.31 343.87
7F004 7F005 7F006 7F007
24x 36
24 x 48
24 x 60
24 x 72
282.47 316.90 419.01 507.22
84" High Units With 4 Shelves
7F008 7F009 7F010
18x 36
18x 48
18x 60
236.27 300.22 349.79
7F011 7F012 7F013 7F014
24x 36
24 x 48
24 x 60
24 x 72
288.33 322.78 424.91 515.13
96" High Units With 4 Shelves
7F015 7F016 7F017
18x 36
18x 48
18x 60
242.16 306.14 355.69
7F018 7F019 7F020 7F021
24x 36
24 x 48
24 x 60
24 x 72
294.31 328.71 430.84 523.03
Extra Shelves
7F022 7F023 7F024
18x 36
18x 48
18x 60
43.20 54.18 68.03
7F025 7F026 7F027 7F028
24x 36
24 x 48
24 x 60
24 x 72
49.60 66.47 80.49 94.39
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Volume Discounts
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Freight Reductions On Orders Of $1500 Or More May Apply.
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Cash Discounts
A 5% trade cash discount is offered from merchandise total excluding any freight for prepaid orders with check sent by USPS mail or express envelopes (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.) This does not apply to payments by credit card since we are charged fees for processing the payment.

Bid Discounts
All requests for bids include the cost for merchandise, freight, volume and trade cash discounts. Each bid is reviewed based on the dollar value, type of product, and ship to location to determine if added discounts or freight allowances can be offered. Bids requested before 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time are processed and faxed the same day, after 3:00 PM processing and faxing is the next business day.

Freight Discounts
We have a standard charge of $34.95 for freight and processing of orders that are less than $100. Freight costs are computed based on ship to zip code location, fuel surcharge, freight carrier minimum charges and/or size and weight of products ordered. Freight charges are based on delivery to company docks. Carriers charge extra fees for residential deliveries, deliveries of large or heavy items needing a liftgate to unload to ground level, call before delivery request, inside delivery request (means carrier takes shipment off of truck and moves it to closest indoor location). For any special requirements please specify in Comments/Ordering Instructions area located near the bottom of the Order Form.

Freight Quotes
For freight quotes to Alaska and Hawaii,
please call us at (877) 421-2910.

For freight quotes to Canada and other international locations,
please call us at (805) 719-4670.

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Customer Freight Carriers
Due to our high volumes of shipments, the freight carriers we use offer us large discounts from their normal price structures. These savings are passed on to you, our customer, and added to your invoice. For customers with special relationships or contracts with their own carriers, and who would prefer for us to use those carriers, please supply us with the name of the carrier, carrier phone number, and your account number.
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